What the heck is this name all about anyways?

Since before I was even born my family has used the phrase "Tuesday at two o'clockwhenever someone wanted to imply that an event would likely never occur. Grownups speaking to small children would usually have a mischievous grin on their faces when they offered the response. ("Mom, when will we get a color TV?") When talking amongst each other the adults tended to roll their eyes or snort a bit when replying in this way. ("George, when is the repairman expected to get here?") For some reason that nobody could actually remember, this particular date and time was supposed to never arrive. We could hope and pray all we wanted, but the event was likely to remain unachieved.


The idea of traveling was my own personal "Tuesday at two" hurdle. Growing up I explored through books and adventured vicariously.  I dreamt of possibilities. The brass ring finally showed itself in college and I grabbed on quickly and tightly. The joy that travel has brought me is indescribable. Yet whenever I do share stories of my adventures, listeners inevitably gaze off into the distance with a look of wistfulness and sigh, "I wish I could do something like that".  The resigned tone I hear so often in their voices reflects their belief that the dream would likely remain unachieved.  

This site is dedicated to all the wanna-be explorers, the wishful thinkers who still feel that for them travel will probably never happen. I'm here to prove that it can be a reality, that the fantasy can come true....that whatever hurdles need to be jumped to get to where you want to go, it is very, very possible. 

Tuesday at two o'clock has actually arrived. Grandpa would be thrilled.