Egypt Updates

Egypt Updates

Since August 2000 the city of Cairo, Egypt has been where I’ve called home.  I came with the intention of a one-year adventure.  Now, thirteen years later, I’d have to say that adventure is definitely what I found!  There’s no real easy way to live in this country, but yet there’s been no way that I’ve found to live without it.

Explaining it has been even more challenging.  It seems I’m always trying to dispel myths, clarifying misconceptions, even rationalizing my presence.  Prior to January 25, 2011 my efforts to describe life here were focused on demystifying fantasies of roads filled with camels and neighborhoods made of tents.  The watershed events of the revolutionary movement have shifted the topics of discussion, but have only resulted in more questions than answers. 

Those of us who have been living the experiences, who have been in Egypt long enough to be able to compare the ‘before’ and ‘after’, who have chosen to stay and continue our lives in this incredible place, are eager for those that haven’t to hear our realities.  Newscasts are not reflecting the situation fully or even accurately.  The good, the bad and the ugly all seem to be disproportionally represented. 

My Egypt posts on this site will hopefully redress that situation.  I intend to share the wonders I continue to discover as I live my day-to-day.  And

on this page in particular I’ll be keeping you all informed on current events and my opinions of them.   You’ll find a mix of reflective articles and simple updates.  I welcome questions and encourage discussion, either through the comments or by direct email.

My love for Egypt is not easy for even me to understand sometimes.  But I hope my words reflect the deep appreciation and true admiration I feel for the people who have welcomed me in this amazing country.

A great coffee shop in Khan El Khalili