Good Reads

Good Reads

Good fiction is supposed to draw us in.  We approach a book as a potential adventure.  We peruse book jackets and back cover blurbs to figure out where the book intends to take us in our minds.  Once chosen, we bring it to our favorite story-reading spot and from our comfortable chairs or desks or bedtime perches we absorb the transporting words.  If the magic is there, we are taken on a fantastic journey.

If our reading spot just happens to be the same location the story take place in.....well, that's just about as good as it can get!  You automatically shift from being a passive observer of events to an active participant in the plot!  Well, not really...but it certainly feels like it.  

Shivering on the same street corner where the heroine meets her destiny, lurking in the cafe that the villain hatched his nefarious

scheme, sweeping through the palace corridors that the revolutionaries stormed.....this goes beyond magic.  It places flesh on the bones, colors on the curtains and expands both the reading and the travel experience. 

This page is dedicated to "in situ" reading opportunities, (Here's the archeologist in me!) books that illuminate a destination and in turn have the destination inform the story. You'll find my favorites here, and in the not-to-distant future I'll make a call for reader recommendations.  If my tech skills develop to the level of....well, any level above water...I hope to develop this page in a much more interactive way.  But in the meantime, consider a visit to the bookstore.  And then the travel agent. 

The hardest part will be waiting until you land to crack the cover!